Based on functionality we can group threads as a single unit which is nothing but ThreadGroup.

ThreadGroup provides a convenient way to perform common operations for all threads belongs to a particular group.

We can create a ThreadGroup by using the following constructors

ThreadGroup g = new ThreadGroup(String gName);

We can attach a Thread to the ThreadGroup by using the following constructor of Thread class

Thread t = new Thread(ThreadGroup g, String name);
ThreadGroup tgroup = new ThreadGroup("Printing Threads");
MyThread t1=new MyThread(tgroup,"Header Printing");
MyThread t2=new MyThread(tgroup,"Footer Printing");
MyThread t3=new MyThread(tgroup,"Body Printing");


Java Multi Threading concept is implementing by using the following 2 methods :

  1. GreenThread Model
  2. Native OS Model
GreenThread Model

The threads which are managed completely by JVM without taking support for underlying OS, such type of threads are called Green Threads.

Native OS Model
  • The Threads which are managed with the help of underlying OS are called Native Threads.
  • Windows based OS provide support for Native OS Model
  • Very few OS like SunSolaries provide support for GreenThread Model
  • Anyway GreenThread model is deprecated and not recommended to use.
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