Set Interface

Set Interface

In this tutorial, we will discuss the Set interface in Java. This interface in the Java Collections framework provides the features of the mathematical set in Java. It extends the Collection interface.

  • This can be used for representing a group of Individual objects where insertion order is not preserved, and duplicate objects are not allowed.
  • This interface is the child interface of Collection.
  • This interface doesn’t contain any new method, and we have to use only collection Interface methods.
  • This interface does not contain any new method. We have to use only Collection interface methods.
  1. Unique Elements: A Set cannot contain duplicate elements. If an attempt is made to add a duplicate element to a set, it will be ignored, and the set will remain unchanged.
  2. No Guaranteed Order: The elements in a Set are not stored in any particular order. The order of elements may change over time, and sets do not provide any guarantees about iteration order.

Since Set is an interface, we cannot create objects from it. In order to use functionalities of the Set interface, we can use these classes

  1. HashSet
  2. LinkedHashSet
  3. SortedSet
  4. TreeSet
Set Interface in java

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Set Interface
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