Types of JDBC Drivers

Types of JDBC Drivers

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about Types of JDBC Drivers. JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers provide the interface between Java applications and databases, allowing Java programs to interact with databases using standard SQL queries.

While communicating with Database, we have to convert Java Calls into Database specific Calls and Database specific Calls into Java Calls. For this Driver Software is required. In the Market Thousands of Driver Software’s are available. But based on Functionality all JDBC Driver Software Drivers are divided into 4 Types.

  1. Type-1 Driver (JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver OR Bridge Driver)
  2. Type-2 Driver (Native API-Partly Java Driver OR Native Driver)
  3. Type-3 Driver (All Java Net Protocol Driver OR Network Protocol Driver OR Middleware Driver)
  4. Type-4 Driver (All Java Native Protocol Driver OR Pure Java Driver OR Thin Driver)


Progress Data direct Software Company introduced Type-5 Driver, but it is not Industry Recognized Driver.

The choice of JDBC driver type depends on factors such as performance requirements, deployment considerations, and compatibility with the database platform. Generally, Type 4 drivers are preferred for modern Java applications due to their simplicity, performance, and platform independence.

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Types of JDBC Drivers
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