Type-3 Driver

Type-3 Driver

Type-3 driver also known as All Java Net Protocol Driver OR Network Protocol Driver OR Middle ware Driver.

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Type-3 Driver converts JDBC Calls into Middleware Server specific Calls. Middleware Server can convert Middleware Server specific Calls into Database specific Calls. Internally Middleware Server may use Type-1, 2 OR 4 Drivers to communicates with Database.

  • This Driver won’t communicate with Database directly and hence it is Database Independent Driver.
  • This Driver is Platform Independent Driver.
  • No need of ODBC Driver OR Vendor specific Native Libraries
  • Because of having Middleware Server in the Middle, there may be a chance of Performance Problems.
  • We need to purchase Middleware Server and hence the cost of this Driver is more when compared with remaining Drivers.


IDS Driver (Internet Database Access Server)


The only Driver which is both Platform Independent and Database Independent is Type-3 Driver. Hence it is recommended to use.

Type-3 Driver
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