Advantages of Logging

Advantages of Logging
1. Problem diagnosis

In general, in application development, we are able to detect the problems which are occurred in compilation time or in execution, but, some hidden problems are existed inside the applications, which may not come in out side directly, but, they will give effect to our application execution, in this situation, if we use good Logging Framework then it is possible to detect the hidden problems quickly and we can fix them easily.

2. Quick Debugging

Once if we diagnose the problem and if we identify the location of the
problem by using logging framework then it is very simple to fix that problem and it simplifies Debugging and it able to reduce overall Debugging time.

3. Easy Maintenance

If we provide good Logging Framework to perform logging in our
applications then it will provide some description or information about our application which is useful to manage our applications easily.

4. History

In general, all Logging Frameworks are tracing the applications flow of execution and they are able to store tracing details in a file system, this logging details are useful to analyze the problems and to solve the problems.

5. Cost and Time Saving

Logging Frameworks will simplifies debugging, easy maintenance,
persisting application information etc these qualities of Logging Framework saves time and cost of the application.

Advantages of Logging
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