About POM

Project Object Model (pom)
  • POM Stands for Project Object Model. 
  • POM is the fundamental unit in Maven.
  • POM is an XML file that contains information about the project and configuration details used by Maven to build the project.
  • POM contains default values for projects like build directory, which is target; the source directory, which is src/main/java; the test source directory, which is src/test/java; and so on.
  • In MAVEN 1, name of the pom file is “project.xml”, in MAVEN2 it was renamed to pom.xml.
  • When we execute MAVEN project then MAVEN will look for the project configurations in pom.xml file and gets the needed things and executes the project.  

In Building MAVEN Projects, pom.xml file contains the following configurations.
1. Project Description
2. Repository
3. Dependency Management
4. Project Inheritance
5. Build Configuration
6. Build Profiles

About POM
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